Lee Hsuan Chih

Painting has been an integral part of my daily life, a passion that l've embraced since childhood. I was fortunate to have art teachers who appreciated and encouraged my creations, fostering my love for art.

Following three years in art high school, I pursued my artistic journey at the university.

I feel lucky to have had supportive teachers guiding me throughout my artistic endeavors. The joy derive from painting is an intangible form of fortune, akin to magic that enhances the beauty of my daily life. Through the act of painting, I can bring all my imaginative ideas to life.

I share this enjoyment to you, via my artworks.

Le Petit Alain 1
Le Petit Alain 2
Bicolor Cat
Snail on a mushroom
Kingfisher with Pink Lotus
Dog with plant
Tomatos & Wine
Penguin in a bottle