Weyer Lex

Lex, the son of Anne and Pit Weyer, is born in 1966 in Luxembourg-city. He studies graphic design and illustration at the University of Essen (1986-1991). After his studies he works in the multimedia studio of CRP-HT, then teaches drawing and art design at several schools.

In 2004, he joins the family business Lex+Pit Weyer, créations/publicité which is both an advertising agency and an art design studio.

He distinguishes himself graphically from his parents by a cruder drawing style. At least that is the impression one gets by his rather raw-looking sketches of beasts and humans. Lex Weyer has definitely face-lifted the ageing human-animal allegory. He expresses criticism in his work by holding an ethical or philosophical mirror up to the viewer.

De Paltong ass ze grouss
Hokusai und das Mädchen
Nation Branding
Fleur du désir
The writer
KKK still present
Comix 01
TeenYears are difficult
Stay behind
Besoffen wie'ne Sau
Voll daneben
The King
Lost in emotions
living nature