Weyer Anne

Anne Weyer is born 1939 in Oberhausen, Germany.

From 1960 to 1965 she studies at the art school Folkwangschule für Gestaltung in Essen where she also meets her future husband Pit Weyer. After their studies, they marry and Anne takes the luxembourgish nationality.

Anne works with Pit together for several luxembourgish theaters, they create masks, costumes, posters and stage design. She works also as independant illustrator for magazines and book editors.

Her expressiv  drawings and collages have mostly critical subjects as emancipation, sexuallity, eroticism, militarism or environmental problems.

She worked for the Comité Chili, Amnesty International,
the Planning Familial,  the anti-nuclear movement and the Folk-Clupp.

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Take that chicken
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